Audio File Converter


Slice Audio File Splitter  v.2.0

Slice Audio File Splitter is an audio splitter/cutter for Windows. It allows you to carry out splitting operations in three different ways. First, you can tell the application to split an audio file into an X number of files.

ITeddy File Converter  v.0.2

iTeddy File Converter is a dedicated program to transform multimedia files into a format that your iTeddy can play. The iTeddy Media Player is a hand-held device to play audio and video, view pictures and play games, embedded in a teddy bear toy.


MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter  v.0.12

MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter enables you to combine and convert a series of MP3 files into a single iPod audio book file (.m4b). Unlike audio books in .MP3 format, the resulting .m4b file supports iPods audio book features,

Text to Audio File  v.1.1

Text to Audio File is a free Mac application that will create small AIFF files out of the text you give it.

ZOOM Audio File Manager  v.2.0.4

The Audio File Manager is an application program designed to manage projects and V-takes of the MRS-series(MRS-1266/802/1044*) on a computer.

EIS file converter  v.1 50

The EIS File Converter converts VoltaMaster 4 Electrochemical Impedance curve files to a Zview software readable format. Microsoft Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional edition, Windows Millenium or Windows XP.

MDI to TIFF File Converter  v.1.0

MDI to TIFF File Converter can enable you to quickly turn Microsoft Office Document Imaging files into TIFF images.usage: mdi2tif.exe -source -log [-dest

DII to DAT File Converter  v.1.0

DII to Dat File Converter is a free tool to convert DII files to DAT files.

Audio Unit Converter  v.1.0

Audio Unit Converter.

Audio File Name Fixer  v.0.02

Audio File Name Fixer is a utility written in python to change the file names of your audio files to match what is in the ID3 tags.

Audio Format Converter  v.1.7

Use this handy app to convert most any audio format to another (in batch mode).

Extra Video to Audio MP3 Converter  v.6 76

Extra Video to Audio MP3 Conveter Free is a powerful, universal video to audio convertion and video split to audio. Just a few clicks, output setting panel is so natty that you could finished video to audio conversion.

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